Why buy a used vehicle from Japan?

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Even though Canadian importation rules exclude all vehicles less than 15 years old, your 15-year-old used Japanese car will be in fantastic shape! Low, low kms - Japanese tend to drive far less than Canadians - immaculate interiors - again, less wear and tear - very little rust - most cars we select have been carefully stored indoors and often not driven in winter conditions.

There is plenty of road life left in these vehicles - our customers are amazed and very pleased with the over-all vehicle quality! Like new or near new for a fraction of the price! 

What about parts?

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Generally, the vehicles we import have most parts compatible with their counter-parts sold in Canada. When a specific part is required from Japan, our Japanese team is but an e-mail or call away to send you your genuine Toyota etc parts ASAP, often faster than ordering parts in Canada.


J Cruisers Parts Service Package

In addition, our customers who purchase their vehicles form J-Cruisers receive priority parts service and preferred customer pricing for all their parts needs. We also keep in-stock those regularly requested parts from Japan which are available First to our own customers.


For used parts, we have a selection of parts vehicles from Japan on premises.

How to Buy

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When you see a vehicle we advertise on our website or elsewhere, and would like more information Call us! We receive so many mails that sometimes our replies can take a day or more.

  • A $1000.00 CDN deposit will hold a vehicle for your personal inspection.

  • Should you then purchase the vehicle, the deposit is applied to the purchase price.

  • If, after viewing and driving the vehicle you decide, "no, thanks," your money is fully refunded and the vehicle is returned to the general "for sale" status. This is a good way to ensure you get first choice of our vehicles as they come over.

J-Cruiser's Fly-in Service

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Our customers come from all parts of this country.

Often flying into Kelowna airport and driving your new - used vehicle home is the most convenient way to make a car purchase. We offer free airport pick-up and ride to Armstrong, a distance of about 75km. We will also re-imburse part or all of your flight costs should you purchase the vehicle.

Call for details! 

Are RH drive vehicles difficult to drive?

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You will find it generally takes no more than a few minutes to get used to RH-drive.

We have had many customers who at first were skeptical or downright fearful of the RH-drive experience. Getting behind the wheel, they finally realize it is no big deal.

In Japan, a RH-drive country, there are many, many LH-drive vehicles as well!

Some advantages of RH-drive

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  • Parallel parking made easier.

  • Driver is a little further from on-coming traffic.

  • Getting the mail is easier.

  • Visibility of cyclist and pedestrians is improved.

Some disadvantages of RH-drive

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  • You'll need a buddy to go through fast food drive through 

Some things to get used to:

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  • Signal arm and wiper are reversed of LH.

  • Looking up left into the rear view mirror.

Again, a few minutes behind the wheel should get you used to these features.


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